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Hello! I’m Justin Ladia, a Winnipeg-based graphic designer who also organizes events and sometimes writes puzzles. This is my (currently very bare bones) personal website.

The Extraction Episode 1 – Xbox with Todd Etter

I started a podcast! It’s called The Extraction and it’s a podcast about puzzles and the people who make them. The podcasting space is full of different series based around niche topics, but I’ve noticed that one about hunt puzzles was lacking. As someone...

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36 Days of Type 2022: Welcome to Newtoona City — Check Your Secrets

I’ll explain what’s going on later, but if you already know, you can check things in the links below. A: Instagram Post | Checker NOTE: Don’t translate what you’ve got, but you will definitely need to use the Latin alphabet. B: Instagram Post |...

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⊥ornados, Intertextuality, and Weird Al Yankovic: The Obligatory Wrap-Up Post for MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 by a Member of Team Palindrome

It isn’t typical to start a blog post with “hello”, but considering that I’ve been thrust into an event that introduced me and my work to plenty of new faces, I think it’s appropriate here. So… hello! I’m Justin Ladia, a Winnipeg-based graphic designer,...

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And We’re Back

Hi folks. Apologies if this site looks a little bare-bones at the moment. I’ll try to find the time to make this look more pleasing, but for now, I wanted to put this up so that I have a place for my wrap-up post/s...

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