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The Extraction Episode 1 – Xbox with Todd Etter

I started a podcast! It’s called The Extraction and it’s a podcast about puzzles and the people who make them. The podcasting space is full of different series based around niche topics, but I’ve noticed that one about hunt puzzles was lacking. As someone who loves puzzles and production value, I figured I’d give it a shot. I could get more philosophical as to why I think it’s important for me and/or the community to have a different platform to talk about puzzles, but I’ll save that for the podcast itself.

I’ve got a number of episodes planned out, but the first one is one that I think is pretty special. I talked to Todd Etter about his stellar puzzle, Xbox, which he wrote for The Famine Game in 2013. Check it out.

For all the links and a description of the episode, please read the show notes.

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